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ESC Magazine, founded by Andy Grieser and Toby Davis in August of 1998, began as a small online periodical of Windows game reviews. Since then, ESCMag has grown to include over two-hundred computer and console gaming reviews, as well as features, discussion groups and industry news, with thousands of gamers across the world escaping to these pages each week.

In late 2001, ESCMAG became an affiliate of the GameZone Online alliance. After four exciting years of gaming, ESCMag has grown to a staff of twelve dedicated ESCapers. If you are interested in joining our elite (and irreverant) staff as either a game reviewer or a news junkie, contact us for more information.

Meet the Cool Staff
Andy Grieser - Editor-in-Chief/Co-Founder
Andy is an (early) thirtysomething journalist from suburban Fort Worth, Texas and currently resides in windy Chicago. He jumped to the world of online writing from print news. In addition to numerous computer-based reviews in both print and online formats, he co-authored Something in the Blood: The Underground World of Today’s Vampires and Our Story: The Authorized Biography of the Dallas Cowboys.
Toby Davis - Webmaster/co-founder
Toby is a web developer and avid Mac gamer also from Fort Worth, Texas, who has been an unofficial, self-proclaimed Apple gaming evangelist since the 1980's. Having developed web applications for such white-collar firms as Nortel Networks, Verizon and IBM, he now heads up technology development for an enterprise solutions firm while expanding his web design-mind across the pages of ESCMag.
Erich Becker - news editor/sr reviewer
Erich has a nack for critiquing. Since starting in December 1999 at ESCMag, Erich has had the opportunity to continue his work in finding the faults in everything everyone does. Never being published in print, as of yet, he is currently working on science fiction stories and screenplays. As an avid console gamer, Erich has each of his feet in both the computer gaming and console gaming fields. Since 1998, Erich has created many sites, and is currently in the process of creating his most recent site,
John Benedetto - sr reviewer
John began his career at as Andy Grieser's personal ninja bodyguard. After narrowly escaping death in the form of a robotic starfish named Clyde the Destroyer, John decided that the pen may actually be mightier then the sword. He put down his katana, picked up his keyboard, and hasn't stopped since.
Matt Burawski - sr reviewer
Matt is an 18-year-old high school student in Pennsylvania. His ambitions range from attending college to saving the world from some random cliche console role-playing-game ancient evil awakened by whatever. His favorite console game is the cult-classic RPG Xenogears, and his favorite PC game would be a toss up between Deus Ex or Planescape: Torment. Matt hopes to pursue a career in writing of some sort, because it means he can get paid without getting off of his wonderfully comfortable rollie chair.
Steve Davis - senior reviewer
Bio coming soon!
Erica Grossman - newsletter chief
Erica was originally bribed into joining ESCmag when Andy promised a paycheck for sitting around acting cute. Well, still no paycheck, but Erica has decided to put her talents to use and rant and rave for ESCmag In Your Face newsletter. And if you send her some chocolate (and a new computer to replace her lagging Pentium-133), maybe she'll write a story for you.
Norm Nevins - forums guy
Norm works for the government, and that's all he'll tell us without having to kill us. Personally we think he's an infiltrator keeping tabs on us. He was swindled into taking up the keyboard here at Escmag, by a shadowy figure simply know as "The Chief", with the promises of fortune and glory. He still checks the mail daily for that check. His innate ability to rant, vast kung-mugee skills, and talent for slaying bad films at 50 yards has earned him his present position among this elite cadre.
Garret Romaine - sr reviewer
Garret has been writing about the gaming industry since 1996, and served a stint as a volunteer beta tester for Epic MegaGames before that. Anyone remember Jazz Jackrabbit? A former journalist, Garret's day job is working as a technical writer and publications manager for a video chip maker.
Nelson Romaine - sr reviewer
It started off as a small way to vent how much Nelson loved Dungeon Keeper. After he wrote that review for Computer Bits, he slowly worked up his resume and began reviewing for other companies. Eventually, he got a Dreamcast, got more experience doing that, and now works for ESCmag, the great web site that you should go out and tell all of your friends about (don't forget to click on the advertisement links).
Michael Smyth - sr reviewer
Bio coming soon!
Torrick Ward - sr reviewer
Torrick is a dedicated console gamer who nevertheless has occassional extra-gamer affairs with his PC. Having owned systems in every generation since the Atari 2600 gives Torrick the moral authority and unchecked arrogance necessary to lay claim to the hardcore gamer designation. While he considers his work for ESCMag to be his true career, he has been known to practice law to make ends meet.
Past Reviewers
Past Reviewers

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