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October 13, 2000 - October 25, 2000 - See More Archived News

Wednesday, October 25, 2000
PS2 :: GameRankings Has an Extra PS2 - posted by Erich Becker at 7:17 pm CDT

Game Rankings has an extra PlayStation 2 and are selling it off for the American Diabetes Association for $815. Yes, the money is going to Charity so you can actually feel good about this purchase! First come first served. Send an e-mail to ps2forcharity@gamerankings.com if you are intereted. We would like to do the transaction using PayPal and will ship it out today.

Selling a PS2 For Charity

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PC :: WomenGamer's ranks Xiama - posted by Erich Becker at 7:15 pm CDT

WomenGamers.Com member Mr. Bigglesworth reviews the unique puzzle game Xiama, which is based in Alligator Creek Falls, Australia.

"The puzzles are spread out across the landscape of the game, and they proceed in no particular order of difficulty. There is also a book which can be accessed from within the game that monitors your progress within the game, letting you know which puzzles you have completed and what degree of success you have achieved, measured in points."

Xiama Review

PC :: XLGaming.com rates Humanhead's Rune - posted by Erich Becker at 7:13 pm CDT

XLGaming.com just got their hands on a copy of Humanhead Studio's Rune. The new action type Viking game that puts you against big hordes of baddies with even bigger weapons! We were deeply pleased with this new title and gave it a 95% score. Here is a snippit for your news:

"Humanhead has really pushed the limits of gamer's loves with this title. No longer are super railguns and rocket launchers the norm. We are coming of an age where the sword, mace, club, and hammer are being used more and more. With the burnout on the guns and lasers I think developers are seeing more and more that gamers are dying for a melee sword game and Humanhead delivers! Not only was the single player engrossing and fulfilling, but the multiplayer was so addictive it halted the progress of this review!"

Rune Review @ XLGaming.com

PC :: Hasbro charged with Copyright Infringment - posted by Erich Becker at 7:10 pm CDT

Toy Giant Accused by Portland Developer of Trademark Infringement

Portland, Oregon, October 25, 2000 - A Portland-based software developer Randy Chase, is alleging that Hasbro has stolen his trademarked name "SpiritWars*," and is planning to use the name in a huge holiday season rollout. According to Chase, Hasbro plans to conduct a pre-holiday product launch in early November by hosting tournaments at over 300 stores nationwide.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court today, alleges that Hasbro is naming its new collectible card game "The Spirit Wars" in an attempt to directly compete with and dilute the value of Chase's game "SpiritWars*." Chase trademarked "SpiritWars*" in 1998, through his company Kellogg Creek Software, Inc.

Kellogg Creek's attorney, Richard Yugler says, "This is a case of a large corporation trying to bully a small creative developer who does everything right. Chase did extensive research, properly registered the trademark, and obtained the www.spiritwars.com URL. Any reasonable trademark search would have found his name. Now, the company that once advertised his product is trying to co-opt the name."

Yugler says "Hasbro should have known the name was already licensed because SpiritWars* was advertised in a Wizards of the Coast magazine called The Duelist now known as Top Deck." Wizards of the Coast, was acquired in 1999 by Hasbro for $325 Million, at the same time they acquired Legend of the Five Rings and Dungeons and Dragons. Wizards of the Coast also distributors the "Pokemon(tm)" trading card series that is hugely popular with children.

The lawsuit is seeking a royalty on sales or, in the alternative, a court order prohibiting distribution of Hasbro's collectible card game.

SpiritWars* is an online-only strategy game that blends the mystique of trading card games with the traditional strategy of a board game. SpiritWars was released for public play on December 20, 1998 and has logged close to 300,000 games played since its release.

SpiritWars draws freely from a variety of traditional design concepts, but blends them into a unique playing experience that represents a refreshing alternative to the current action-oriented theme of Internet gaming. The game's low bandwidth requirements deliver a satisfying playing experience both for players with slower Internet connections and for international players.

With a heavy reliance on traditional mythology and folklore, SpiritWars appeals to strategy, fantasy and war gamers. Because of the familiar board game design and stylish look, complete with an art gallery representing history's greatest painters and colorful literary prose, SpiritWars appeals to casual gamers as well.

SpiritWars is a registered trademark of Kellogg Creek Software, Inc.
Pokemon is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America.

N64 :: The Legend and Adventure Continue... - posted by Erich Becker at 7:05 pm CDT

Today marks the second to last big event of the year, the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. After having the game since Monday, I can say that the game is truely a work of art.

You can't fully appreciate a game such as this without playing it. Unlike a certain system being released today, there are plenty of Zelda games to go around. So head out to your nearest retailer, grab a copy of Zelda, laugh at the person who decided to sleep in this morning, and play what could be the best game to ever be released.

Tell them I sent you.

PS1 :: PSOne Football Showdown - posted by Erich Becker at 5:52 pm CDT

GamePen has constructed a great article comparing the two major pigskin games for the PSOne. For those of us who aren't getting a PS2 or don't want one (me included), they can rely on this little special to give them the goods. Here's the link.

Madden Vs GameDay PSX Feature @ GamePen

PC :: New Happenings over at 3DGW - posted by Erich Becker at 5:22 pm CDT

3D Gaming World has some interesting stories to report today. Lets begin with 22 new screenshots of the second game in the Blair Witch Trilogy. Want to see these pretty pictures from the gold version? Head on over.

Coffin Rock Screens at 3D Gaming World

3DGW has also posted an in-depth review of Microsoft's Combat Flight Sim 2. This new addition to the Flight Sim series deals with the Pacific Theatre. Very interesting stuff, see the review here.

Combat Flight Sim 2 Review at 3D Gaming World

Site :: New Console Review Posted - posted by Erich Becker at 5:17 pm CDT

ESC Magazine is on a role this week. Today we unleash review number three in our console division. Enter Spider-Man for the Nintendo 64 and the Sony Playstation. The Neversoft developed, Activision published game is getting rave reviews, find out what our reviewer thought.

Spider-Man Review at ESC Magazine

Monday, October 23, 2000
DC :: NFL Blitz 2001 Review @ GamePen - posted by Erich Becker at 3:00 pm CDT

GamePen has posted a review of the newest football game for the Sega Dreamcast, NFL Blitz 2001, from Midway Home Entertainment.

Check out the review below.
NFL Blitz 2001 DC Review @ Gamepen

PC :: XLGaming Previews Sacrifice! - posted by Erich Becker at 2:58 pm CDT

XLGaming.com just took a look at the new game from the twisted folks at Shiny Entertainment, Sacrifice! We have written an indepth hands on preview of the game that is due out next month/late this month. Blending so many different gametypes into one is such a task, but Sacrifice pulled it off so well. This is surely Game of the Year material! Here is a snippit:

"Uh, did someone say 'Game Of the Year'? I know I know, this is only a preview granted but this is amazing stuff. It has everything. Amazing graphics, wonderful sound, gripping and funny story line, innovative and, most importantly, fun game play. I'm having difficulty faulting this one!"

Sacrifice Preview @ XLGaming.com

Site :: New Review Posted - posted by Erich Becker at 2:52 pm CDT

ESC Magazine is proud to present our review of NASCAR Heat for Windows-based machine. Check this preview out, then hit the link to view the full review.

"Hasbro Interactive has sat on the sidelines and watched Electronic Arts and Sierra take the NASCAR market to new levels (both up and down). For the most part, both companies did a respectable job in creating NASCAR games, but for true enthusiasts, their offerings were a little displeasing. A true NASCAR fan wants everything to be perfect. Physics, modeling, sounds; everything must fall into place and create the most lifelike experience. EA took an arcade approach to their share of the license and unleashed NASCAR 2000 upon us. I can still see NASCAR junkies recovering from that mess. Meanwhile, Sierra stayed to the tried-and-true method and created a few "memorable" games with the license. Now Hasbro steps in with Papyrus spin-off MGI, and they are looking to enter the winner’s circle."

View the Full Review

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DC :: NFL2K1 Review at GG8.com - posted by Erich Becker at 2:49 pm CDT

GG8.com has placed a review of NFL2K1 for the Sega Dreamcast. Here is a preview and link. Head on over to GG8.com to check it out.

"NFL 2K1 is not a game, it's a playable simulation, the kind that up until now you'd only see on a PC. It's a meticulous reproduction of the NFL world, equipped with it's own artificial intelligence and a willingness to play out an endless number of football games, each offer a screaming pace of crunches, blitzes, and blink-of-an-eye touchdowns. It's adjustable at just about every square inch, including player faces and builds, uniforms, franchises, stadiums, camera angles, the works..."

NFL2K1 Review @ GG8.com

Thursday, October 19, 2000
PC :: Win a copy of Baldur's Gate 2 from XLGaming - posted by Erich Becker at 12:19 pm CDT

You have most likely heard about this game, unless you have been under a rock the last year or so. The sequel to the insanely popular RPG Baldur's Gate is finally here. Developed by Blackisle Studios and BioWare, the new RPG has been getting rave reviews. Now is your chance to own it for free! That's right, XLGaming.com is giving a copy of Baldur's Gate 2 away for free. No more waiting in line at the software store, no more counting pennies, we are slash slashing prices! Down from $44.99 this title is now yours for $0.00 with no interest. That is of course if you win...

The address to the contest is http://www.xlgaming.com/contests/bg2/

PC :: Game Rankings reviews Combat Flight Sim 2 - posted by Erich Becker at 12:17 pm CDT

Game Rankings has posted a review of Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 2 for the PC:

"The game itself is long, hard, and satisfying. It provides enough action and realism, coupled with some amazing visuals and sound, to be worthy of a purchase. Flight sims are often way too difficult for the average gamer. Combat Flight Simulator 2, the Pacific Theater, offers something for virtually everyone."

Combat Flight Sim 2 Review @ Game Rankings

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PC :: Fort Wayne Gamers Gathering 4 - posted by Erich Becker at 12:14 pm CDT

Here is some interesting news for all of you in the mid-west.

In two days The Fort Wayne Gamers Gathering will open registration for FWGG 4 with a twist! This two day event is scheduled for Nov 11th and 12th in Indiana! The attendance is expected to be in excess of 200 and could grow to over 300! Sponsors for the event include: 3dfx, Klipsch, Razer, Comcast@home, Interplay, Logitech, TechServices, Belkin, MadCatz, Gravis, Kensington, Func, MouseBungee, Everglide, PC Tote, Bawls, Gamespy, Eidos, Stone Computer, and the list is still growing! Jump over to www.fwgg.org for a the inside scoop on the kick ass pre-registration weekend prize giveaway.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2000
PC :: 3D Gaming World has New 4x4 Screens - posted by Erich Becker at 3:14 pm CDT

3D Gaming World had such a great response from yesterday's Rune screenshots, they decided to do it again. This time with a gold copy of Gathering of Developer's 4x4 Evolution. Check it out.

4X4 Evolution Screenshots

COM :: Monkey Island Mod Controversy - posted by Erich Becker at 3:11 pm CDT

Good morning. Recently, a gamer named Matt Shaw tried to enhance the Monkey Island environment with his own enhancement to the game. LucasArts wasn't too thrilled with the idea and today Adam Swiderski offers commentary on the whole situation.

After Adam's editorial, we have a counterpoint editorial from LucasArts directly.

No matter what side you're on, it is very interesting reading.

Monkey Island & Mods Column at GamePen

PC :: Two new Homeworld: Cataclysm Reviews - posted by Erich Becker at 3:10 pm CDT

There are two new reviews for the Homeworld follow-up, Cataclysm. One review is from our friends at XLGaming.com and the other is from Game Rankings. The links are below, be sure to check out both reviews and tell them ESC sent ya!

Homeworld: Cataclysm Review @ Game Rankings

Homeworld: Catacylsm Review @ XLGaming.com

COM :: Popular Gaming Sites Gives Back to the Community - posted by Erich Becker at 3:06 pm CDT

Popular Gaming Review Site Gives Back to the Community

Costa Mesa, CA - October 16, 2000 -- Global Internet company eFront Media, Inc. announces the launch of an intensive fundraising campaign by Game Rankings, a member of eFront's Gaming Channel (http://gaming.efront.com).

Gaming review sites receive many games to review - so many that once reviewed, they tend to be put aside and never touched again. Scott Bedard, Webmaster of Game Rankings, saw these left over games as an opportunity to raise money and help those less fortunate. By auctioning off these games on eBay, all profits will be donated to the local community.

"The United Way is one of the biggest and best charities in the world, and it was easy for me to decide on them", states Bedard. "I am also putting the call out to all the gaming companies to donate as many copies of games as they can. I know there are closets full of old games at many PR companies so lets get them cleaned out and get them up on eBay!"

Game Rankings has already received boxes of Games from Linn PR, InfoGrames, EA Sports, Take 2 Interactive, RockStar Games, 3DO, Crave Games, Sierra, AboutGolf.com and Shiny Entertainment, just to name a few. "Companies have been more than supportive of this cause", adds Bedard. "They get to make space for the new games coming out this holiday season and help out the United Way at the same time. I am also happy to say that several people have sent me large boxes of games they no longer play. This is becoming much bigger and therefore better than I could have ever imagined. I'd like to encourage people to visit http://www.gamerankings.com/itemrankings/fundraiser.asp so they can follow the progess of the fundraiser."

Jerry Ziegler, President of eFront Media, Inc., feels that it's essential for eBusinesses to remember the importance of giving back to their communities, particularly when they touch so many people worldwide. "The efforts being put forth by Game Rankings will set the pace for other companies to come forward and make a commitment to change their communities, even if it's a little bit at a time". Ziegler adds, "eFront Media is very proud of the efforts of Scott and his team and supports them one hundred percent".

Started in 1999, Game Rankings has a database in which game reviews from all major online and print media sources are catalogued. In addition to dealing with outside evaluations, Game Rankings produces its own reviews and previews as well as statistics for the gaming world, such as sales and rental charts, release dates, company links, files, cheats, and more

About eFront Media, Inc.
eFront (http://www.efront.com) is currently one of the most visited networks on the Internet for compelling destination content. The eFront Network provides leading destinations for content such as Computing & Technology, Entertainment, Gaming, Small business & Webmasters, Music, Finance & Career, Shopping, and Women's Interests. Services include Web search and navigation, communications and personalization tools, Web community services and shopping. Unified through the eFront Web Guide, these services help each individual user locate, retrieve and manage information tailored to his or her personal interests. The Web Guide offers visitors a guide to information on the Web as well as easy access to their favorite services. Through its acquisitions of over 150 web communities catering to diverse demographics, the eFront Network is the fastest growing online content portal.

Gaming Review Site Gives Back to the Community

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Site :: Discussion Boards are ONLINE! - posted by Erich Becker at 3:04 pm CDT

After what seems like years (actually months) our Discussion Boards are back online and ready to go. Using the latest message board technology ESC Magazine launches our boards with full freedom to the reader.

Post what you thought about one of our reviews. Talk about things that happen in everyday life, or ask for game help, we will do what we can to help you out.

So why are you still here reading this? Check out our discussion boards here.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2000
PC :: New Stories at WomenGamers.com - posted by Erich Becker at 4:17 pm CDT

WomenGamers.Com member Cat91 offers up a preview of the upcoming flight Eurofighter sim Typhoon from Infogrames UK.

"Another new thing in Typhoon will be the ability to manage a "team" of pilots-you will go into action with six pilots, and you'll have to keep them alive to stay in the game. This is intended to add immersion and a strategic element, as you become attached to pilots with different capabilities and personalities in the air."
Typhoon Preview

WomenGamers.Com member No-guano has an enthusiastic review for the adventure game Traitor's Gate, which is set in the beautifully rendered Tower of London. Anglophiles and MacGyver fans, go nuts!

"The cover of Traitor's Gate depicts the main character making a dramatic entry into an upper level window by means of a high-speed zip line. This instantly reminded me of Ian Fleming's 007 stories."
Traitor's Gate Review

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PC/Con :: Consoles vs. PCs at Gibworld - posted by Erich Becker at 4:15 pm CDT

Gibworld.com have created the first part of a 3 article series entitled "Consoles vs. PCs" that attempts to ascertain the effect next-gen consoles will have on PCs and PC games. In the first part we look at the relative advantages and disadvantages of both gaming systems, but from the perspective of somebody who actually owns both platforms. Here's a cliplet:

Yes, this is yet another article about the effect that the new generation of consoles will have on PCs. What's the difference? This article is written by someone who enjoys both platforms equally for different reasons. In this three part article, Bobertchin explores the advantages (and disadvantages) of consoles and PCs. Part One examines the supposed war between these two gaming media and dispels rumors from both sides of the issue. Part Two looks at each different gaming genre and how they compare on the different platforms. Part Three includes comments and quotes from gamers, designers, and manufacturers in an attempt to respond to these comments and show just how unusual (and commonplace) the issues are this time around.

Consoles vs. PCs - Part 1 @ GibWorld.com

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PC :: 3D Gaming World has been busy! - posted by Erich Becker at 4:12 pm CDT

3D Gaming World has three new stories to report today. First they have obtained 21 new Rune screenshots running on a Voodoo 5 5500 with 2x FSAA. These shots look sweet so check them out here:
21 New Rune Screenshots

Next, 3DGW has posted a review of Interstate '82 the critically bashed follow up to Interstate '76. See how it fared here:
Interstate '82 Review

Finally, 3DGW has put up part two of thier interview with Tucker Hatfield. In the interview they discuss issues that have come up while playing the gold copy of Combat Flight Sim 2. The link is below.
Combat Flight Sim 2 - Tucker Hatfield Interview

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PSX :: Gamecritics rate Madden 2001 - posted by Erich Becker at 4:03 pm CDT

Gamecritcs have put together a review of the Playstation One version of Madden NFL 2001. Here is a brief preview:

"Madden NFL 2001 is a better football game than NFL GameDay 2001, but only marginally so. It has a better visual polish (especially in the Nintendo 64 version), loads of options and gameplay that's easier to live with, but I still found it every bit as frustrating to play as every 32-bit and 64-bit football game before it. What's the point of all the extra features that 989 Sports and EA Sports have been cramming into their football games if every contest feels like a chore?"

Read the full review here:

GameCritics.com Review Madden 2001

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PC :: Preview/Review at Gamepen - posted by Erich Becker at 4:01 pm CDT

GamePen has posted a new preview of FIFA 2001: MLS with over 40 new screenshots of the game. You can check that out here. The folks over at GamePen have also posted a review of Homeworld: Cataclysm. You can check that out by hitting this link.

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Monday, October 16, 2000
Site :: New Review Posted - posted by Erich Becker at 3:28 pm CDT

Well its Monday, and that means the week will start as always, slow. Here at ESCMag we are just getting started, because we have lots of new reviews and features planned for release. To start things off why not take a look at our recently posted Crimson Skies review done by reviewer Matt Burawski. Here is a preview:

"Sometimes, sitting down and paging through an encyclopedia-sized manual, working out complex controls, and going through countless technical details can be a rewarding process in a flight sim. Sure, everyone has wondered what it would be like to fly a lumbering 747 into the horizon or comprehend the intricate nuances of an F-18’s computerized systems, and games that allow that hold a definite place in the gaming world. Crimson Skies, however, is not content to simulate anything. The planes are original, the history is masterfully skewed, Zipper Interactive’s intense aerial action title doesn’t create a realistic view into flying — it creates an experience far more memorable through storytelling, atmosphere and a combat flight model that may not score high on realism, but never fails to succeed in providing pure pulpy PC gaming fun."

See the Full Review Here!

Friday, October 13, 2000
DC :: Track and Field Review at Game Rankings - posted by Erich Becker at 3:25 pm CDT

Game Rankings has posted a review of ESPN International Track and Field for the Dreamcast.

"Remember the good old days of sports gaming, when button mashing was King? Man... those were the times. Tecmo Super Bowl, and the old Track and Field games, had us sweating and swearing as we punched the controllers like zombies, attempting to either break tackles or run faster than the cheating computer. Those were the days of gaming that have been forgotten... and for good reason. Gaming has evolved, but this series, in many ways, hasn't."

International Trand & Field Review @ Game Rankings

PC/Mac :: We Knew It Would Happen - posted by Erich Becker at 3:13 pm CDT

Yes, we knew it was only a matter of time for Blizzard to make the word official, Warcraft III has been delayed till a second half 2001 release.

Any fan of Blizzard games (Starcraft, Diablo II) knows that Blizzard, like Nintendo, constantly delays it's games to make them better, add and remove components, and balance gameplay.

If Diablo II's sales are any indication, the delay is well worth it. Diablo II was delayed twice before being released, and it is one of many games that are already being considered for Game of the Year honors.

More as it becomes available.


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