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October 28, 2003 - November 05, 2003 - See More Archived News

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
[Multi] "Prince of Persia" Console Goodies - posted by Erich Becker at 2:54 pm CDT

Ubisoft was kind enought to give console gamers a hint as to the goodies hidden in the upcoming Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Each console version houses something different, so keep that in mind when you make your console purchasing decision.

PlayStation® 2
The entire, original Prince of Persia game will be hidden within the game. Gamers will need to break down the correct wall to access the game.

The entire Prince of Persia 2 game will be hidden within the game. Gamers will need to break down the correct wall to access the game.
Xbox(tm) Live Aware

GameCube(tm) and Game Boy® Advance
The entire, original Prince of Persia game will be hidden within the GameCube version of the game - gamers will need to break down the correct wall to access the game, or . . .
Using the connectivity capabilities of the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, players can also unlock POP1 on the GameCube if they find all of the special switches in the Game Boy Advance version
Connectivity will immediately enable automatic health regeneration on the GameCube version

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time will ship in November for all Console systems and GBA, and in December for the PC.

[Community] GamesXtreme Reviews "Homeworld 2" - posted by Erich Becker at 2:51 pm CDT

The guys and gals over at GamesXtreme have posted their review of Relic's Homeworld 2, the sequel to the multi-Game-of-the-Year winning Homeworld. Check out the full review by hitting this link, after reading the snippet below.

"It has to be said that Homeworld was an eye-bleeding-ly nice game, it raised the graphics bar for many titles and spawned several would-be crown-stealers, and now Homeworld 2 brings a richer and brighter level of graphical detail to the board. We see a welcome return to the coloured trails left by the starships and due to an increased unit limit combined with some more fancy AI, the whole effect is like looking at a living, breathing, deadly display of pyrotechnical wonder. HW2’s textures are likewise sharp and provide an excellent level of detail to the represented craft."

[PC] "X2: The Threat" Goes Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 2:48 pm CDT

Enlight announced today that the highly anticipated space simulation game, X²: The Threat, has gone gold. A sequel to the Egosoft's award-winning X: Beyond the Frontier, X²: The Threat transports players back into the dynamic X-Universe where gameplay is completely boundless and a new race is introduced- determined to disrupt the harmony within the galaxy.

Expanding on the original, X: Beyond the Frontier, X²: The Threat allows players to construct a massive fleet of ships to aid them along whatever path they choose within the open-ended X-Universe. In addition to the opportunity to purchase any number of ships, the player can also pilot any ship in the fleet ranging from small, nimble scout ships to the large, powerful capital ships. Featuring the ability to define AI scripts, players will have complete control of their fleets as they roam throughout the vast areas of the galaxy and explore their own adventures.

Published in the United States and Canada by Enlight Interactive Inc., X²: The Threat will be available on Windows PC, priced at $39.99 (U.S.). For additional information visit http://www.x2-game.com/.

[PC] Strategy First Brings "Alien Blast - The Encounter" to Retail - posted by Erich Becker at 2:46 pm CDT

Strategy First and Made by KIDDIES are pleased to announce they have teamed up once more to bring the PC arcade shooter hit, Alien Blast - The Encounter to North American retail shelves.

In this first-person arcade shoot'em-up, you must gather up all your courage to defend yourself and defeat the alien horde. Alien Blast - The Encounter is an exciting sci-fi action combat game for everyone.

- Ground and air defensive battle stations
- Highly detailed 3D graphics providing an incredibly realistic environment
- Supports Single and Multi-player options
- Sophisticated sci-fi weapons with power-ups
- Boss challenge levels
- 45 progressive missions with sophisticated enemy AI.
- Realistic battle sounds effects
- Intuitive gameplay and intuitive controls
- Weather effects

Alien Blast - The Encounter will ship to stores in Q1 2004 with a SRP of $19.99 USD. For more information please visit www.strategyfirst.com or www.madebykiddies.com.

[Industry] 2003 Holiday Preview Tour Schedule - posted by Erich Becker at 2:32 pm CDT

Game Live Events, the leader in live Video Game and PC touring events, today announced their "2003 Holiday Preview Tour." The third annual Holiday presentation will reach more than 25,000 gamers in some of the country's largest mega malls throughout the US. The 12-stop tour begins on Friday, November 7th in San Diego, CA and runs through Sunday, December 7th in Charlotte, NC.

Admission is free and game play is unlimited. For complete details of the tour, including tour locations, event times, and the latest list of games included on the tour, visit www.gameliveevents.com.

Game Live 2003 Holiday Tour Schedule

Friday, November 7th - San Diego, CA - Mission Valley
Saturday, November 8th - Los Angeles, CA - Glendale Galleria
Sunday, November 9th - Ontario, CA - Ontario Mills
Saturday, November 15th - Las Vegas, NV - Galleria at Sunset
Sunday, November 16th - Phoenix, AZ - Arizona Mills
Saturday, November 22nd - Dallas, TX - Town East
Sunday, November 23rd - Houston, TX - Katy Mills
Friday, November 28th - Philadelphia, PA - Franklin Mills
Saturday, November 29th - New Jersey / NY - Garden State Plaza
Sunday, November 30th - Boston - Natick Mall
Saturday, December 6th - Baltimore - White Marsh Mall
Sunday, December 7th - Charlotte - Concord Mills

Friday Shows: 12 Noon to 8 PM
Saturday Shows: 12 Noon to 8 PM
Sunday Shows: 12 Noon to 6 PM

Game Titles on Tour

NCAA(tm) March Madness(tm) 2004
NHL 2004
Tiger Woods PGA Tour(r) 2004
NASCAR Thunder(tm) 2004
FIFA Soccer 2004


The Lord of the Rings(tm), The Return of the King(tm) Medal of Honor(tm), Rising Sun Freedom Fighters

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time(tm)
Batman(tm): Rise of Sin Tzu(tm)
Beyond Good & Evil(tm)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six(r) 3
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon(tm): Jungle Storm(tm)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon(tm): Island Thunder(tm)
Tom Clancy's Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon(tm)

SpyHunter(r) 2

NFL(r) Blitz(r) Pro
NHL(r) Hitz(r) Pro

Legacy of Kain: Defiance(tm)

America's Army: Special Forces

Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis

ESCMAG will be at the Phoenix show @ Arizona Mills Mall. Look for us there doing some serious gaming.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003
[Multi] Activision Releases "True Crime: Streets of LA" - posted by Erich Becker at 10:07 am CDT

Activision announced today that its driving, fighting, and shooting cop-is-a-total-badass-without-a-cause game, True Crime: Streets of LA, should be on retail shelves by the time you are reading this message. The Luxoflux developed title, creators of Vigilante 8, stars the voices of Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Michael Madsen, Russell Wong, Michelle Rodriguez, Ron Perlman, CCH Pounder, James Hong, Mako and Keone Young.

Within your sound system you will find more than 50 original music tracks performed by such renowned West Coast rap artists as Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection (Ice Cube, Mac 10 and WC), Warren G, KAM, Jayo Felony, Boo Yaa Tribe, Easy-E Jr., among others.

Additionally, the game’s launch will be supported by a 20-song CD soundtrack that will debut on November 11. The soundtrack was produced by Bigg Swoop and Bright Riley for Vybe Squad Records and is being released by Koch Entertainment.

True Crime: Streets of LA has been rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB. Look for ESCMAG's upcoming review in the next few weeks.

Monday, November 03, 2003
[Multi] Activision Releases "True Crime: Streets of LA" Song List - posted by Erich Becker at 3:04 pm CDT

Over 80 tracks including 50 all original west coast hip hop performances and an eclectic collection of tunes ranging from, funk, rap, metal, rock, alt metal and Spanish rock fuel Activision, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) highly anticipated True Crime: Streets of L.A. The upcoming mission-based driving and action game, which is scheduled to ship to retail outlets worldwide on November 4, 2003, will be available on the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube. The game has been rated “M” (“Mature” – Blood and Gore, Mature Sexual Themes, Strong Language and Violence) by the ESRB.

In addition to an extensive in-game song line up, a True Crime: Streets of L.A. CD soundtrack will be released on November 11 by Vybe Squad Records and distributed by Koch Entertainment. The CD soundtrack will feature a variety of music from the game including original tracks from Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection (Ice Cube, Mac 10 and WC), Warren G., KAM, Jayo Felony, Boo Yaa Tribe, Easy-E Jr., among others. Songs from the upcoming soundtrack can be previewed at www.truecrimela.com.

[PC] Encore Readies "SpellForce" for a Feb. Release - posted by Erich Becker at 2:56 pm CDT

Encore, a majority-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation (NASDAQ: NAVR), today announced that SpellForce for the PC is scheduled to ship in February 2004. Co-published with JoWooD Productions Software AG, an Austrian game publisher and developer, SpellForce is the first true strategy role-playing game that seamlessly blends the tactics of army building with the storyline and character development of role-playing.

If you want to learn more about SpellForce, check out teh official site at www.spellforce.com

[Industry] Sigil Games Online signs Kevin McPherson - posted by Erich Becker at 2:54 pm CDT

Sigil Games Online, Inc. today announced that Kevin McPherson, one of the first programmers assigned to the original "EverQuest" team and author of the "Ruins of Kunark" back story and setting, has accepted the position of Senior Programmer with the company. With over seven years of experience in the game industry, McPherson adds his expertise to Sigil's growing team of all-star massively multiplayer online game developers.

Learn more by checking out www.sigilgames.com

[Xbox] Enlight Announces "Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc" - posted by Erich Becker at 2:52 pm CDT

Enlight announced today it will ship Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. Available this spring, Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc will be the first title on Xbox to provide players with a first-hand experience of medieval warfare during the Hundred Years War between France and England.

In 1429, Joan of Arc inspired her faltering country to take up arms against occupying English troops. Featuring a state-of-the-art graphics engine, Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc will transport players into this epic period to experience some of the most intense battles fought in medieval Europe. With rich, detailed terrain, the game allows real-time control and command of legions of military units, realistically depicting the mayhem and severity of medieval warfare.

See more information about this game by going to www.joa-game.com

Friday, October 31, 2003
[Multi] "Medal of Honor: Rising Sun" Goes Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 2:57 pm CDT

Starting on November 11, 2003, players will have the opportunity to step into the boots of a Marine Corporal--survive the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, and drive the Japanese Army from the Pacific as Medal of Honor Rising Sun from Electronic Arts has gone gold. Developed by EALA, Medal of Honor Rising Sun is the latest installment in the award-winning franchise known for its immersive and authentic WWII experience. Medal of Honor Rising Sun will ship nationwide on Tuesday, November 11, under the EA GAMES brand for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft, and the Nintendo GameCube.

Thursday, October 30, 2003
[Multi] Snoop Dogg Playable in "True Crime: Streets of LA" - posted by Erich Becker at 3:06 pm CDT

Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced today that Snoop Dogg, the "Dogg Father" of hip-hop, is an unlockable, playable character in the company’s upcoming True Crime: Streets of L.A. videogame. When players unlock his character in “Dogg Patrol” mode they can play as Snoop and roll through the streets in a custom convertible, complete with hydraulics, while looking for random crimes to solve and criminals to take down. True Crime: Streets of L.A will ship to retail outlets on November 4, 2003 and will be available for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox video game system from Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube. The game has been rated “M” (“Mature” – Blood and Gore, Mature Sexual Themes, Strong Language and Violence) by the ESRB.

[Industry] SOE Announces "Lords of EverQuest" Fan Art Contest - posted by Erich Becker at 3:04 pm CDT

Sony Online Announces Lords of EverQuest Fan Art Contest

Sony Online Entertainment, Inc (SOE) is hosting a fan art contest for Lords of EverQuest, the upcoming real-time strategy game set in the EverQuest universe. Artists and fans alike are invited to show off their artistic flare and enter the Lords of EverQuest Fan Art Contest! The winning entry will be used as the key art at www.LordsOfEverQuest.com for one month. SOE will even make a desktop wallpaper out of it so others can download it and enjoy. The top five finalist will take home some choice prizes like:

Grand Prize
www.LordsOfEverQuest.com Key Art for 1 month
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra
Cordless MX Duo (cordless keyboard and mouse)
ClickSmart 820 (digital/web camera)
Z-5300 (speakers)

1st Runner Up
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra
Cordless MX Duo (cordless keyboard and mouse)
IO Pen (digital PC pen)

2nd Runner Up
Geforce FX 5900 Ultra
MX500 (corded mouse)

3rd Runner Up
Z-640 (speakers)

To enter the contest, submit your entry, please read the Official Rules and follow the instructions on the submit entry page. The Lords of EverQuest Fan Art Contest is open to all Station.com Members and will run through November 15, 2003.

[GameCube] Midway Cancels "The Suffering" for GameCube - posted by Erich Becker at 3:02 pm CDT

As if Ubi Soft's delay of Beyond Good & Evil wasn't enough, Midway has canceled the GameCube version of their upcoming mature, survival horror title, The Suffering. Midway's reasoning behind the cancelation? They want to support the leading platforms in the market place.

This comes as a bit of a shock considering the great sales numbers Resident Evil and other more mature oriented third party games like Soul Caliber II have turned in over the GameCube's two years on the shelf.

The Suffering will still be released on the Sony PlayStation2 and Microsoft Xbox early next year. Thanks go out to IGNCube for the story.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
[PC] vmGames.com Releases 1001 Lines - posted by Erich Becker at 3:10 pm CDT

vmGames.com Releases "1001 Lines".

Get a completely new gaming experience with a six puzzle pack 1001 Lines.

If you consider yourself a puzzle fan, you probably already have 1001 Lines. If you are just an aspiring gamer, then are sure to get addicted to 1001 Lines from the first moves. This game-pack comes with 6 different puzzle types, each with 5 variations. That means there are thirty highly challenging, amusing and brain-racking puzzles.

Coolumns and Coolumns 2 are based on the famous game of Lines but deliver more sophisticated and delightful gameplay, because of its vertical orientation. The objective of the game is to sort the blocks of different color, when you get four blocks of the same color, they disappear. The two most favorite puzzles of 1001 Lines are Solo and Trio for Coolumns 2.

Swaps Pack and Rolls Pack add the idea of block swapping or rolling to the rules of Lines. As a result, you get a tough puzzle where each move has to be well thought over. This one is for the rocket scientists in training. Falls pack is somewhat similar. It is based on the classic Same Game but is more dramatic and, unlike the rest of the puzzles, does not have a definite end.

Lines Pack, as its name implies, delivers the original game (Classic), but also has four modified and simplified versions. Almost each turn the player is capable of building a line, which causes the inexperienced player to instantly get addicted and turn from a casual gamer into the 1001 Lines follower-fanatic.

The great thing about this game pack is that it does not just stop at delivering hours of fun and addictive gameplay. These puzzles are actually a great mental gymnastics that will teach you the skills of strategic thinking, planing future moves in advance, quickly picking the correct move from the multitude of options. Best of all, the games can be tried free of charge.

1001 Lines games pack is distributed electronically over the Internet, free demo version is available at http://www.vmgames.com/ for evaluation.

The price of a single copy is 24.95 US Dollars.

Note: The preceeding was a company issued press release and doesn't reflect the views of ESCMAG or it's staff members.

[PC] PlanetSide: Core Combat Ships for PC - posted by Erich Becker at 3:08 pm CDT

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that the first expansion pack for the massively multiplayer PlanetSide, Core Combat, has shipped to retailers and should be available as early as tomorrow. The expansion carriest a retail price of $29.99 and requires the full version of PlanetSide (not included) to play.

If you are still engrossed in the world of PlanetSide, the expansion pack should open up new opportunities for you.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
[Multi] Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup Released - posted by Erich Becker at 3:07 pm CDT


Videogame Offers Full Quidditch Experience for the First Time Ever

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - October 28, 2003 - Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) announced today that the Harry Potter(tm): Quidditch(tm) World Cup videogame has shipped to stores, just in time for Halloween. In the game, Harry Potter fans are able to fully experience the magical power, speed, and competition of Quidditch, the favorite sport of witches and wizards, for the first time.

Developed by EA's UK studios, the team behind the worldwide success of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone(tm) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets(tm) games, Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup is available on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, the Xbox(tm) video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy® Advance, and PC.

The magical sport of Quidditch is an exciting and challenging game involving two teams of seven players who fly on broomsticks, four balls in simultaneous play (one Quaffle, two Bludgers, and the elusive Golden Snitch(tm)), and a unique scoring system. In Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, players can control all the Quidditch positions and high-flying moves. Gamers can choose any one of the four Hogwarts(tm) House teams (including Harry Potter's Gryffindor(tm) and Draco Malfoy's Slytherin(tm)) to triumph in the Hogwarts(tm) Quidditch Cup before taking a national team to Quidditch World Cup glory.

In the international World Cup tournament, players can choose to play for nine different, professional teams, which include the USA, Bulgaria (featuring Viktor Krum), the hard-hitting Nordic Team, England, Japan, France, Germany, Spain and Australia. Sporting their own Quidditch uniforms and unique stadium environment, each nation has different strengths and tactics that lend strategy and depth as players progress through a unique ladder system.

[Multi] Man Captures Fifth Classic Video Game Title - posted by Erich Becker at 3:05 pm CDT

October 28, 2003 - Fairfield, Iowa -- The man who holds the world title on the legendary Tron and Centipede video games has now added Dig Dug to his credits.

Donald Hayes, of Windham, NH, has made video game history by capturing his fifth world title in the growing classic videogaming hobby. By adding Dig Dug to his resume --which also includes Tron, Centipede, Domino Man and Super Zaxxon -- Hayes now owns more world titles than any other modern player, matched only in history by Billy Mitchell, who was recognized by Guinness in the early 1980s for holding five major gaming records: Donkey Kong, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Jr., Pac-Man and Burgertime.

"Hayes will receive special attention in the forthcoming Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records," promises Walter Day, Twin Galaxies' Chief Editor. Hayes' score of 4,388,520 points beat the 4,211,920 mark set by Dwayne Richard of Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada in August, 1999.

An indepth analysis of Hayes' accomplishment has been prepared by Twin Galaxies Chief Referee, Robert Mruczek, who reviews each milestone reached by Hayes during his record game. To see this report, go to http://www.twingalaxies.com.

[PS2] Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Goes Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 3:03 pm CDT

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the PS2 has reached Gold status and is off to manufacturing. Look for the latest in the long running series to hit shelves soon.

The game has already garnered critical acclaim from its showing at E3 and various preview builds.

Version for Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube will ship throughout the month of November.

[PC] Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis Ships - posted by Erich Becker at 3:00 pm CDT


FAIRFAX, VA - October 28, 2003 - Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of the award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game "Dark Age of Camelot," announced today that the game's latest expansion pack, "Trials of Atlantis," is available in stores. In "Trials of Atlantis," players will journey to the mysterious underwater world of Atlantis, and experience the trials designed to protect the legendary civilization's secrets. Intense group play, three all-new races, and amazing next generation graphics that update the entire "Dark Age of Camelot" world make this expansion a must-have for all fans of the game. As a bonus, the "Trials of Atlantis" retail box also includes a separate disc with the original "Dark Age of Camelot" game.


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