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July 31, 2000 - August 13, 2000 - See More Archived News

Sunday, August 13, 2000
Grab That Patch, Denton! - posted by Toby Davis at 9:49 pm CDT

Having problems playing the Mac release of Deus Ex? No - we're not talking about how to breach the Statute of Liberty or the big secret Versalife laboratory. We're talking about memory leaks and character voice problems - that sort of thing.

Aspyr Media recently released a patch (version 1.01) that is freely downloable from MacGameFiles.

This is belated news, our apologies. Here's a list of what this patch specifically fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that would occur on Mac OS 8.1 when saving/loading games.

  • Fixed a memory leak in the speech code, which should allow for longer play with fewer "out of memory" errors

  • Added an option to turn off "ambient" speech (enemies' cries in battle and InfoLink messages). This should help limit slowdowns when fighting several enemies or getting messages via the InfoLink. It will not impact speech in conversations with other characters

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Halo Coming To An X-Box... and Mac... Near You - posted by Toby Davis at 9:42 pm CDT

Game developer Bungie Studios (now a part of the Microsoft family) recently mentioned the simultaneous Mac and X-Box release of Halo, its highly anticipated first-person shooter that will be first released to Windows gamers.

Gaming publication Inside Mac Games theorized that, while news of this release is good for Mac gamers, the wait time could be a while, due to the fact that the X-Box is not slated for production until next year.

Check out their full news article for more details.

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Friday, August 11, 2000
Unreal Tournament : GotY Details - posted by Erich Becker at 11:32 pm CDT

Unreal Tournament, the proclaimed winner in the Unreal vs. Quake III battle of Christmas yor, is getting a more than standard Game of the Year treatment.

Unlike most companies who re-release a game as a Game of the Year Edition, Unreal Tournament won't be getting the new package/strategy guide upgrade. No, the good folks at Epic are giving the game more maps, more playmodes (thanks to some killer mods), and more online fragging goodness.

First off the game will contain three new map packs to give standard, hardcore deathmatch fans something to chew on. Next, three new play modes are being added.

1 :: Tactical Ops Mod will remind TFC players of..well..TFC. The mod features a real military feel and focuses on teamplay, ala TFC.

2 :: Rocket Arena is something that I really hope I don't have to explain.

3 :: Chaos UT sounds like a standard mod with new weapons and maps where anything goes, as it does in the regular game.

All in all Epic is trying to gain the attention of gamers who might have passed on the first go around with UT, while also trying to get some of UT's already established fan base to lay down another couple of 20's to play all the newest stuff without spending hours downloading it all.

Look for UT : Game of the Year Edition this fall.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2000
Sims Livin' Large Goes Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 12:13 am CDT

The Sims: Livin' Large has gone gold, and is expected to be shipping over the Labor Day weekend in a few weeks.

Livin' Large is the sequel to the original, Sims, which shipped back in Feburary.

I had the pleasure of reviewing the game for this site and gave it our highest honor, the 10 out of 10, perfect score. The expansion promises new career paths, architecture, accessories, and everything else that you need to customize your home to make your Sim happy.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2000
Ion Storm takes over Thief Franchise - posted by Erich Becker at 1:31 pm CDT

In a recent post on Through the Looking Glass it seems that Looking Glass Studios' Thief Franchise has been handed over to Eidos, who now owns the license for the game and engine.

Further in the post is was said that the project is being handed over to Eidos' Ion Storm development Studios.

This could lead one to worry or be further traumatized after playing Diakatana, but the project has been handed over to Warren Spectors team who put together the amazing Deus EX.

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Vote Republican - posted by Erich Becker at 1:15 pm CDT

I am recommending that all hardcore videogame players vote Republican in the upcoming Presidental Election. Why, you ask? Well our most hated enemy in the government has been chosen by the most robotic man in the government. Al Gore (Robot) has chosen Joe Lieberman (Loser) to be his VP running mate in the upcoming election.

What does this mean? It means that a man who wants to see all violent videogames, movies, and music banned will be in a position of great power. It remains to be seen exactly what could happen specifically, but the attacks on videogames by Senator Lieberman will only continue.

This story was originally reported by IGN PC.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2000
Elite Force - The First Impressions - posted by Erich Becker at 1:54 am CDT

I recently had the chance to give Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force a go (in demo form) and I must say the game is very, very impressive.

Running off of the Quake III: Arena graphics engine, Raven Software (Soldier of Fortune, Hexen) has crafted a game that any true trekkie (such as myself) will really enjoy. The first level takes place on a Borg Cube, as you try to rescue the rest of your team and the "Infinity Modulator." From the first level, you then get to roam the halls of Voyager, as you try to find engineering and stop a warp core explosion that will destroy Voyager, and any near by ships.

From the two levels I have player, the graphics are very solid, and hold true to the show in every respect. The sound is well above average, but there was a few flaws where the sound skipped alot. Sound effects are right on to the show, except they are using the computer voice from Deep Space Nine, not Voyager. Anyway, going by what I have seen already, this game is looking to be something to pick up in the coming months.

Yes, I am happy to say that this is yet another Trek game that doesn't get screwed over. Go Raven, Live Long and Prosper.

Set Phasers to Frag.

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Nox Add-on Release - posted by Erich Becker at 1:41 am CDT

Westwood Studios' RPG, NOX, is getting an expansion pack all it's own. Here comes the best part, the expansion pack is free of charge, you just have to download it from the friendly people at Westwood and run the install file. As simple as that, and you didn't pay a thing (except for the price of NOX).

The add-on is said to feature never ending multiplayer quests. What this means is once you and your party complete a quest, you begin that one, or another, against even stronger enemies. Sound's good enough.

Did I mention it was free? Well it is.

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ATTN: All FGN Affiliates - posted by Erich Becker at 1:33 am CDT

Escape Magazine is looking to influence new readers with our witty reviews, and hard hitting columns, but we need your help, and we will provide some in return.

I have already begun to recieve emails from many sites in the network, Astronest for instance. Well, if you have a cutting edge story, or something really awesome that you posted on your site, let us know. I will be sure to give it a read over, and give you a post on our news page. What do we ask in return? The same. When we post something dramatic, or truly unique, give us a little space on your news page.

This is a win-win situation. If we help each other to grow, there is nothing holding us back. To contact us, send us a line here.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2000
Sims v1.1.1 Patch Released for Mac - posted by Toby Davis at 9:01 pm CDT

Aspyr Media has released a new patch for the Macintosh version of The Sims. You can download the patch from Macupdate or at MacGameFiles.com. The patch fixes the following items:
  • Sound volume fixed. Moving the camera now correctly affects the game's volume levels, and control panel sliders for sound effects and voices now work.

  • Game now properly detects OpenGL's version number on all machines.

  • The software now alerts you if you have a period (.) anywhere in your file path. All slashes (/), backslashes (\), and periods (.) must be removed from all "parent" folders before playing the game.

  • Fixed a minor DrawSprocket problem during quit.
    Made a few minor resource tweaks.

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Xbox Development Kits Shipped - posted by Erich Becker at 8:36 pm CDT

"Microsoft is committed to working with the best game developers and publishers to ensure a highly successful Xbox launch next fall. "Reaching this major milestone more than 15 months before availability, gives developers the resources and information they need to create rich Xbox launch titles." -Robbie Bach, senior vice president of Microsoft's Games Division.

Microsoft has begun shipping official Xbox development kits to developers starting today. Microsoft says that over 1,000 kits will have been shipped by the end of the summer, that leaves only 20 days to ship 1,000 kits. Very impressive.

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Dungeon Keeper 3 Canceled - from FGNOnline - posted by Erich Becker at 8:32 pm CDT

FGN Online is reporting that Dungeon Keeper 3 has been put on indefinite hold by publisher, Electroinc Arts. The team responisble at Bullfrog Entertainment is said to be exploring new avenues, and more information will be released in the future.

For those of you who are confused, I shall explain:
"indefinite hold" = nice way of saying canceled
"exploring new avenues" = nice way of saying the game was turning out less than expected, and the game has been canned.

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Monday, July 31, 2000
500 Million Dollars on Xbox - posted by Erich Becker at 11:24 pm CDT

Microsoft recently announced that it will spend an estimated 500 Million dollars in the first 18 months of it's consoles entry into America's homes.

The software giant has made it publically aware that Xbox is bigger than anything that it has previously ventured into. Microsoft has never spent this much money on a product launch.

Also, in Xbox news, the big M also stated that it has about 30 first party games in development, and is signing third party developers to games all the time.

It really looks like there will be a four way free for all battle for the living room come next Christmas when the Nintendo Dolphin/StarCube and the Microsoft Xbox are both likely to appear. Watch out Sony.

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"Turn that S&%$ Up!" - Tony Hawk 2 News - posted by Erich Becker at 11:15 pm CDT

If you are current in the music world of today, that song bite was from Rage Against the Machine's first release from thier new album, Guerilla Radio. This is just one of the many songs to be featured on Activision and Neversoft's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 soon to be released for Dreamcast, PC, Playstation, and Game Boy Color. Here is a complete band list:

Rage Against the Machine - Guerilla Radio
Bad Religion - You
Anthrax/Chuck D - Bring the Noise
Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide
Naughty by Nature - Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Papa Roach - Blood Brothers
The High & Mighty - B-Boy Document
Consumed - Heavy Metal Winner
Dub Pistols - Cyclone
Swingin' Utters - Five Lessons Learned
Styles of Beyond - Subculture
Millencolin - No Cigar
Alley Life featuring Black Planet - Out With the Old
Lagwagon - May 16
Fu Manchu - Evil Eye

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The G.O.D. Is Serious - posted by Erich Becker at 11:11 pm CDT

Gathering of Developers has recently inked a deal with upstart Croation Development team, Croteam, to publish the team's latest game, Serious Sam.

Serious Same has been generating alot of press in the last few months after the first development test was released for public download. Many online editors have downloaded the tech demo, and have been impressed by the title's over-the-top action.

The game is based on Croteam's self developed engine, the Serious Engine. G.O.D. will be releasing the game under its ODI label that is reserved for small developers and economy software.

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