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September 10, 2003 - October 20, 2003 - See More Archived News

Monday, October 20, 2003
[PC] CDV Ships No Man's Land for PC - posted by Erich Becker at 1:47 pm CDT

Historical Real-Time Strategy Game Explores Uncharted Territory

CDV Software Entertainment has announced that "No Man's Land" for the PC is now available in retail stores. Set in the rugged, unclaimed expanse of North America from 1600 to 1900, "No Man's Land" is a historical real-time strategy game that is sure to engender a revolutionary spirit among all who play it.

Features for "No Man's Land" include:

- New 3D graphics engine capable of zooming and rotating forested terrains
- Three riveting campaigns with 30 versatile missions
- Six Playable nations: Spaniards, British, woodland and prairie natives, as well as patriots and settlers
- Historical setting in North America from 1600 to 1900
- Technological progress from manned canoes to railroads
- Heroes and elite units: snipers, conjurers, assassins and more
- Six multiplayer modes, from deathmatch to a railroad building competition

Look for No Man's Land today.

[PC] CHROME Goes Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 1:43 pm CDT

Strategy First and Techland are please to announce that their tactical FPS title, CHROME has gone gold, and is ready for its North American release later this month!

The Story

Mega-Corporations are competing for control of the Valkyria System and its most precious resource, Chrome. Espionage, sabotage and theft are common practice, and no one is better at it than Logan, mercenary for hire. Become Logan in this first-person tactical shooter. Wield an extensive range of weapons. Operate vehicles on land, sea, and air. Learn that one man, the right man, can make a difference.


- 8 kinds of vehicles at your disposal - four-wheelers, armored transporters, shuttles, and even mechs - all for you to navigate in the New Frontier

- Implants can be used to improve your abilities to become a "stealth assassin" or a "living tank"

- Over 14 missions set in lush tropical forests, rocky deserts, snowy glaciers, futuristic complexes, military bases and orbital stations

- Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, Plasma Rifles: over 18 kinds of weapons for you to take control of your destiny

- Multiplayer mode features over 8 unique maps and a variety of game modes like Capture the Flag, Death Match, Assault, Team Death Match, and Team Domination

- Multiplayer allows up to 32 opponents to battle it out using every available weapon, vehicle, and implant A deep and involving storyline that gets you caught up in the convoluted politics of corporate sabotage, murder, and the ultimate quest for power

Atari will release CHROME for the PC on October 28, 2003. For more information about the game please visit www.chromethegame.com

[PC] Ubisoft Delays Athena Sword till 2004 - posted by Erich Becker at 1:37 pm CDT

Ubisoft announced today that they have delayed the release of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword, the mission pack for Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield until early 2004.

All those gamers awaiting more Rainbow Six tactical action will have to wait until early next year, but if a better product results, the delay is seen as a strength rather than a weakness.

[PC] New Twitch Demo Released - posted by Erich Becker at 1:34 pm CDT

Lazy Reptile Studios LLC announced today the launch of a free new Windows demo for its single-player 3D shooter Twitch. The new demo features an alternate game map to the original demo. Twitch is a power-up based combat game with simplified play mechanics meant to appeal to the casual gamer and hard-core gamer alike. A full version of the game is available for sale.

Twitch is a fast-paced 3D thrill-ride designed for the action junkie who loves to fight the clock. It begs the question: can you do it? The goal of Twitch is to capture 4 globes in 4 minutes, finding extra weapons, power-ups, and score balls along the way. Watch your health and shield, but the clock most of all. You only live once, but you can die many ways. Twitch is available for purchase at www.lazyreptile.com for $14.95.

[PC] Lords of Everquest Enters Closed Beta - posted by Erich Becker at 1:32 pm CDT

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, today announced that its next-generation Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game Lords of EverQuest has entered the exclusive closed beta stage of development with 500 fortunate testers getting the first hands-on time with the game. Over the course of beta, up to 15,000 testers will be allowed into the beta program to test and help with balancing the online multiplayer gameplay. Lords of EverQuest is expected to ship to U.S. and Canadian retail stores this fall and carries a suggested retail price of $49.99.

As a bonus, Sony Online Entertainment has arranged for Ziff Davis Media to offer those chosen to participate in the Lords of EverQuest beta program a one-year subscription to Computer Gaming World magazine at no cost. Anyone interested in applying to beta test Lords of EverQuest can do so online at: http://lordsofeverquest.station.sony.com/beta/register.jsp

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
[PC] PlanetSide: Core Combat Pre-Order Campaign Begins - posted by Erich Becker at 2:58 pm CDT

PlanetSide: Core Combat Pre-Order Campaign Begins

PlanetSide: Core Combat(TM), the first expansion to the world's first Massively Multiplayer Online First-Person Action (MMOFPA) game, PlanetSide(TM), is now available for pre-order at select retailers and via the PlanetSide launch pad. Players can guarantee that their copy of PlanetSide: Core Combat will be available on launch day by pre-ordering a copy of the expansion from our retail partners, or via secure digital download within the game. Offering new massive underground zones and caverns, upgradeable surface level facilities, and an unlockable form of ancient technology to access new weapons, vehicles and underground transports, PlanetSide: Core Combat carries a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is expected to be available at retail stores on October 28. An original copy of PlanetSide is required to play PlanetSide: Core Combat.

[Multi] Where the Hell is the News?! - posted by Erich Becker at 2:57 pm CDT

Funny question you should ask. It appears that not a whole hell of a lot is going on in the video game industry at the moment. Call it the calm before the storm, call it a media blackout, call it El Nino, I don't have a clue what is going on. But while we wait for some exciting stuff to happen, try one of these fun activities:

- Replace all the cream in the Oreos in your house with toothpaste. Its a refreshing treat that helps fight gum disease!

- Head on over to EB or Gamestop and pre-order Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for GameCube and get a cool preview disc with demos and movies!

- If you don't have a GameCube go and pick one up, they are only $99 bucks so your "I work at McDonalds and can't afford anything but my cheap rice-burner Honda with neon lights that don't work and pink windshield wipers" arguement is no longer valid

- Send us money, yes, if you send us money we will be happy, and you should be happy that we are happy. It is a win-win situation!

- Make your system dual-boot and install Linux!

- Go and see Kill Bill: Volume 1 and see one of the best movies of the year.

- Don't see House of the Dead unless you want to physically and mentally harm yourself in some wierd way. It does feature boobies though, but even they are not worth 90 minutes of cinematic horror (and not the good kind of horror either).

- Finally pick through our massive archive of 300+ reviews, then hit the bargin bin and discover a game you thought you would never play. Hint: Fallout Tactics at Fry's Electronics for $9 bucks.

Look for the news to resume regular updates soon.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
[PC] Etherlords II Ships to Retail - posted by Erich Becker at 1:40 pm CDT

Strategy First and Nivel Interactive announced today that the genre-bending Etherlords II has shipped to retail.

“Etherlords II is the only sequel we have released that has actually changed genres”, quipped Serge Orlovsky, President of Nival Interactive. “ This kind of radical change wouldn’t have been possible without the great amounts of feedback we received from the fans of the original, which helped immensely in creating a spectacular combination of role-play and card-based tactical combat”.

Look for this new strategy game on store shelves in the next few days.

[PC] Age of Mythology: The Titans Ships to Retailers - posted by Erich Becker at 1:38 pm CDT

Microsoft Game Studios and Ensemble Studios today announced that Age of Mythology: The Titans has stomped onto store shelves in North America for an estimated retail price of $29.95 (U.S.). International versions are scheduled to be released later in October.

The expansion pack will introduce 12 new god powers, 18 new human units and 10 formidable myth units to the game. Age of Mythology: The Titans may also be played with others online using the in-game matchmaking service, ES Online (http://www.eso.com).

Pick up your copy today.

[PC] Warlords IV from Ubi Soft has Gone Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 1:35 pm CDT

Ubi Soft announced today that Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria, its upcoming turn-based strategy game, has gone gold! Warlords IV is a unique blend of role playing and turn-based strategy gaming with a tactical combat system unique to the Warlords franchise.

Ubi Soft lists the game's features as:
- STS: Speed Tactical System - Innovative new combat resolution system which greatly speeds up combat and allows unit control of traditional tactical combat systems without the micromanagement of movement of units and terrain effects.
- Terrain - All new lush 3D rendered height-mapped terrain. Dozens of terrain and animation effects.
- Persistent Heroes - Your hero improves after every battle, and the same hero can be used in campaign, skirmish or multiplayer. There are a huge number of development options for a hero.
- Enhanced Computer AI - The proprietary AI gives you unparalleled and incredibly cunning opponents.
- A New Campaign - Choose any hero and any side to battle over the whole of Etheria with our new open-ended, dynamic, non-linear Campaign. Fight duels, beat off invasions, capture territory and use your hard-won cash to purchase powerful magical artifacts.
- Unique Multiplayer Features: STS combat will allow faster gameplay for both allied play and free-for-all (up to 8 players) over the Internet.
- Ten Different Sides - Ten unique sides all feature their own tech-trees, buildings, units, and playing styles.
- Spells - Automated combat casting and high quality graphical effects .
- Almost 120 Different Units - That's a huge number of fantasy creatures and Heroes for a strategy game. And every unit in the game can gain experience and grow stronger.
- CD Quality Orchestral Score - Almost half an hour of original Celtic/orchestral music provides a soundtrack to your epic accomplishments.
- Victory Conditions - The game offers a wide variety of victory conditions and scripted victory events in both single and multiplayer.

Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria will be available on the PC in October.

[Multi] EA Ships Freedom Fighters Across All Platforms - posted by Erich Becker at 1:32 pm CDT

Electronic Arts announced today that Freedom Fighters has shipped across all platforms including the Sony PlayStation2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and the PC under the EA Games banner.

Freedom Fighters is "based on an alternate history in which the Soviet Union won the Cold War and invaded modern-day New York City, Freedom Fighters lets you join and eventually lead a revolution in this third-person action game that unfolds in the besieged streets of New York."

The game is rated "T" (Teen) by the ESRB and has a US MSRP of $49.99 for the console versions and $39.99 for PC. The official game website is www.freedomfighters.ea.com.

[Mac] Some Quick Mac/GBA Newsbites - posted by Erich Becker at 1:29 pm CDT

Surf and Fight
Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer and X2: Wolverine's Revenge are both at Final Candidate stages and have been sent off for duplication.

Dr. Jones is Coming...
Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, licensed from LucasArts, is coming to the Mac. The game is at Beta and is expected to begin shipping in October, conversion is being handled by TransGaming.

A trailer for Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb is currently available at: MAC GAME FILES

Aspyr's GBA Games
Aspyr licensed two great GBA titles from Activision. Activision's Anthology and Wakeboarding Unleashed Featuring Shaun Murray were announced last month and are both currently in duplication.

Wakeboarding Unleashed Featuring Shaun Murray for GBA, developed by Small Rockets, is expected to ship in early November.

Activision Anthology for GBA
Activision Anthology for GBA, developed by Aspyr, is also expected to ship in early November.

This compilation includes many Activision favorites from the original Atari 2600 console, including Pitfall 1 & 2, Freeway, Keystone Kapers, Seaquest, River Raid(R) 1 & 2, Spider Fighter and Fishing Derby, as well as games previously unreleased on any Activision compilation. With more than 55 games to choose from, players can be a flying ace, a racecar champion, a tennis star, and a space pioneer all in one afternoon.

[Mac] More C&C: Generals Info - posted by Erich Becker at 1:22 pm CDT

Command and Conquer Generals is coming to the Mac with a conversion being done by i5works. The game is set to feature:

- Wage real-time war in more ways than ever with a modern and near-future arsenal.
- Command the powerful U.S. forces, the vast Chinese war machine, or the resourceful Global Liberation Army.
- Battle it out in unprecedented detail on full 3D environments.
- All-new units and tactics with maximum destructive capability, including Aurora Strike Bombers, Dragon Tanks, and much more.
- Team up with eight friends or go head to-head in massive online multiplayer battles.

C&C Generals has been rated T by the ESRB and will carry a suggested price of $49.99 when it is released. No solid date has be given as of yet. A trailer should be released soon, but in the mean time you can preorder the game from Aspyr.

[PC] Halo on Store Shelves Now - posted by Erich Becker at 1:17 pm CDT

To all the fans of the Xbox this is one more reason why we haven't purchased Microsoft's console, all the good games come to (or from) the PC eventually.

Microsoft Game Studios announced yesterday that Halo: Combat Evolved is now available for the PC in a conversion done by Gearbox Software. To all legions of fans that were outraged when Microsoft bought Bungie, only to turn their backs on the PC gaming crowd, have no fear because the game is here. It still take away the pain felt by the six Mac gamers waiting for Halo for Macintosh.

I'm only kidding. Halo for PC carries an MSRP of $49.99 and you should find it at your favorite game retailer today.

Friday, September 26, 2003
[GameCube] Get a GameCube for $99 - posted by Erich Becker at 3:13 pm CDT

Nintendo announcced this week that the official MSRP for the Nintendo GameCube system is now $99 US. What this means is you can now play Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, F-Zero GX, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, Metroid Prime, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, the superior version of Soul Caliber 2, as well as a library of all your favorite characters for $50 bucks less than before. Most of the the older games listed above can be had for under $20 bucks if you know where to look and the newer ones are well worth the price.

If you have waited to jump on the Nintendo bandwagon now is your chance to pick up a GameCube and look forward to Viewtiful Joe, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Killer 7, and the heart stopping Resident Evil 4.

Salivating yet? You should be...

[PC] New City of Heroes Screens Available - posted by Erich Becker at 3:08 pm CDT

NCsoft has made four new screenshots of their upcoming City of Heroes game for the PC available. You can check out the new art by going right here.

[PC] Help Celebrate 10 Years of Myst - posted by Erich Becker at 3:06 pm CDT

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the classic PC game Myst, Cyan Worlds is making the first draft of Myst: The Book of Atrus available online for your viewing pleasure. You can find it at the official Uru: Ages Beyond Myst site right here.

[PC] Microsoft Opens Legends of Aranna Website - posted by Erich Becker at 3:04 pm CDT

Micrsoft Game Studios Opens DS: Legends of Aranna Site

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that the official Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna site is now live at http://www.microsoft.com/games/dungeonsiegeloa. Adventurers who delve deep into the newly launched site will find screenshots, desktop wallpapers and information about the key features of this highly anticipated expansion pack. Gamers can also find out more details about many of the new spells, monsters, treasures and mysterious storyline on the new site. Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, which also includes the full version of the original Dungeon Siege, will be available in North America this November for an estimated retail price of $29.99 (U.S.).

Legends of Aranna will also introduce new spells and special over-the-top spell effects to combat fierce new creatures such as Clockwork Beasts and Doppelgangers. After starting the game as a farm boy or farm girl, players will be able to add a new Half-Giant player character to fill out their party or choose the Half-Giant directly for multiplayer mode. Spells will also be discovered further into the game that can temporarily transform the player character into a wolf, troll or lava monster. Players will be able to collect rare and powerful treasures, including new consistent styles of armor sets and collectables. Also available is a new pack animal that will defend the player's treasure to the death.

[PC] Anarchy Enterprises Announces Ant War Release - posted by Erich Becker at 3:02 pm CDT

Anarchy Enterprises has today announced that it will release Ant War for the PC on October 1st.

In Ant War you start with a simple anthill and grow into an amazing ant empire! Choose from one of 5 different ants, explore 18 unique locations like the bakery, the park or the city dump, and battle over 60 enemies like Buster the Bully and the SWAT Team! Dozens of game characters and thousands of random events provide players with hours of addictive gameplay in their quest to conquer the world.

Visit the official Ant War website (www.antwar.com) for more information.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
[PC]Space Empires: Starfury Demo Now Available - posted by Erich Becker at 2:43 pm CDT

Space Empires: Starfury Demo Available!
Check out the hot starship-on-starship action in this playable demo!

Shrapnel Games and Malfador Machinations are proud to announce that gamers can try out the latest entry in the Space Empires series, Space Empires: Starfury, thanks to the newly released official demo. The demo, which provides players with a nice sense of what to expect in the final release, can be downloaded from the Shrapnel Games website at http://www.shrapnelgames.com/malfador/Starfury/sfdemo.htm.

Space Empires: Starfury is the newest chapter in Aaron Hall's ongoing Space Empires saga. A science-fiction action RPG focusing on the exploits of a single starship, gamers will get to experience the Space Empires universe at a up close and personal level. Charting their own destiny or following the pre-designed missions, virtual captains will get to explore the dark reaches of space, battle strange alien species, and even decide what side of the law they want to fall upon.

[PC] KnightShift Demo Released - posted by Erich Becker at 2:40 pm CDT

We are a bit behind the times on this one:

"After nearly four years in the making and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Zuxxez Entertainment announces the final demo version of what has been described as an RTS/RPG hybrid and a good laugh, to be released today. Zuxxez cannot yet name an exact release date for their full English version of KnightShift, but it will some time in October this year. Hopefully this demo will give all the eager and the inquisitive something to bite on until the long awaited announcement comes."

For further informations check www.knightshift.com

[PC] EA Announces The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth - posted by Erich Becker at 2:38 pm CDT


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 22, 2003 - The battle for Middle-earth is about to begin... Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) officially announced today the development of The Lord of the Rings(tm), The Battle for Middle-earth(tm) for the PC under the EA GAMES(tm) brand. Developed at EA Los Angeles by the same team that created the award-winning real-time strategy (RTS) PC hits Commander & Conquer(tm) Red Alert(tm) 2 and Command & Conquer (tm) Generals, The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth game will capture the epic battles from The Lord of the Rings films and deliver them to PC gamers in summer 2004.

"The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth will give gamers the first chance to play the epic battles they've witnessed in Peter Jackson's films," said Mark Skaggs, VP and Executive Producer of the game. "Fans will be able to immerse themselves in Middle Earth and experience The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy like never before, including controlling the evil side of the conflict."

The Battle for Middle-earth utilizes the Generals game engine, and in the game players can select from the different "good" or "evil" campaigns, where they will be given the freedom to command a variety of major armies from the films, each with their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. Prepare for war by creating offensive and defensive strategies set in the memorable battle locations taken straight from the big screen. The Battle for Middle-earth RTS game will utilize the digital assets created for the films and will feature exclusive voiceover from the real actors as well as actual movie footage from the three films.

[PC] Sony Enlists Voice Over Talent for Lords of EverQuest - posted by Erich Becker at 2:36 pm CDT


-Katey Sagal, Fairuza Balk, and Kate Mulgrew Lead Star-Studded Roster for New Real-Time Strategy Game -

SAN DIEGO, CA - September 23, 2003 - Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, today announced its line-up of all-star voice talent for Lords of EverQuest"!, the next-generation of Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games. The stellar roster of Hollywood talent has been brought in to give voice to the hero characters, complementing the game's exciting storyline and thrilling gameplay. Lords of EverQuest is expected to ship to U.S. and Canadian retail stores this Fall.

"Our goal with Lords of EverQuest is to deliver the highest possible quality of gameplay, story, features, and production value," said James Parker, producer, Sony Online Entertainment. "By adding top voice talent to the game's already strong storyline, features and gameplay, Lords of EverQuest is well on its way to becoming a top contender in the RTS genre."

The roster of talented actors and actresses lending their voices to Lords of EverQuest are:

- Fairuza Balk (American History X, The Craft, The Waterboy)

- Claudia Black (Farscape, Pitch Black)

- Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League)

- John Rhys-Davies (Lord of The Rings, Raiders of the Lost Ark)

- Hudson Leick (Xena: Warrior Princess)

- Kate Mulgrew (Star Trek: Voyager, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins)

- Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Enemy at the Gates, Beauty & The Beast)

- Katey Sagal (8 Simple Rules For Dating my Teenage Daughter, Futurama, Married...With Children)

- Dwight Schultz (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, The A-Team)

- Cree Summer (Rugrats Go Wild!, A Different World)

- Michael T. Weiss (The Pretender)

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
[PC] Halo (PC) Goes Gold - posted by Erich Becker at 1:18 pm CDT

A day late, but still worthy of a mention.

The PC version of the million-selling Xbox hit Halo has gone gold and is now set for duplication. The Bungie developed title lit up Xbox fans consoles at the system's launch in 2001 and is finally be ported to PC with some added improvements.

Microsoft anticipates a September 30 shelf date for the title, but you may see it pop up here and there before then. The game carries a suggested retail price of $49.99.

[PC] Homeworld2 Ships to Retailers - posted by Erich Becker at 1:11 pm CDT

Keeping up with the wave of new releases this holiday season will be a hard one, but it's always best to start things off right.

VU Games announced today that the sequel to the space-based real time strategy, award winning Homeworld has shipped to retailers and should be available soon.

"Developed by Relic Entertainment, Homeworld 2 features a brand new game engine capable of creating startling space effects like dust gas clouds, wispy nebulae, and ghostly derelict hulks of space ships rendered with spectacular Hollywood-style special effects. Homeworld 2 is also packaged with tools for players to easily create custom content, including multiplayer maps."

Positive pre-release buzz can only mean good things for this highly anticipated sequel. Look for the game on PC within the next few days.

[Multi] The Simpsons: Hit & Run on Shelves Now - posted by Erich Becker at 1:08 pm CDT

VU Games' The Simpsons: Hit & Run, which successfully displaces the gameplay of Take 2's highly popular Grand Theft Auto franchise and Simpsonizes it. The game allows you to step into the shows of some of Springfield's most lovable characters and perform mission objectives while visiting familiar locals.

The game features over 50 in-car and on-foot missions.

The Radical developed game is available for the Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony PlayStation2 for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Here's hoping it is much better than the inferior Simpsons: Road Rage which caused much the rage in series fans and video gamers.

[Multi] NASCAR Thunder 2004 Roars Into Stores - posted by Erich Becker at 1:03 pm CDT

Today Electronic Arts announced that the latest in the NASCAR Thunder franchise, NASCAR Thunder 2004, has hit store shelves and is ready for you to climb into the driver's seat.

The game, showing NASCAR Winston Cup Champion Tony Stewart on the cover, introduces the new "Grudges and Alliances" feature that recreates some of the short tempers seen this season.

Thunder 2004, developed by EA's Tiburon studio, features EA Sports Nation online gameplay for the PlayStation2 only (sorry Xbox owners). The game will be available for the original PlayStation, PlayStation2, Microsoft Xbox, and PC-CDROM.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
[Xbox] Hulk DVD to Feature Gameplay from VU Games The Hulk - posted by Erich Becker at 1:28 pm CDT


Unique Convergence of Home Video and Game Industry Showcased on First Ever Hybrid Xbox/DVD Movie Disc

LOS ANGELES, CA, (September 9, 2003) - Vivendi Universal Games today announced that Universal Studios' Home Video's upcoming DVD release of The Hulk will include game play from Vivendi Universal Games' The Hulk for the Xbox® Video Game System from Microsoft. This added value marks a milestone for the Home Video industry by allowing fans for the first time to experience both the film and related video game from the same DVD medium. The Hulk Xbox demo will be available on the action adventure DVD from Universal Studios Home Video on October 28, 2003.

"Vivendi Universal Games is pleased to partner with Microsoft to be part of this first-time integration of an Xbox demo on a DVD," said Luc Vanhal, President and COO of VU Games, North America. "With this advanced technology we will be able to continue to provide the ultimate action Super Hero experience to fans everywhere."

"Vivendi Universal excels in movie-to-game content integration, making The Hulk DVD release a natural medium for Microsoft to unveil this exciting new technology," said Ed Fries, vice president of game content at Microsoft. "The Hulk game demo is perfect for consumers of the DVD, allowing Xbox owners to interact with their favorite hero in an original adventure."

The demo provides one playable level for Xbox which showcases the title's fully interactive environments and the awesome power of the Hulk. Picking up a year after the events of the film, the game follows the plight of troubled scientist Bruce Banner and his enraged alter ego, Hulk, as they battle against the terrifying forces of the Leader - a villain intent on using the Hulk's gamma energy to unleash a relentless army of gamma creatures on the world. Players can master two types of game play as either Bruce Banner or The Hulk as they battle lead characters from the film, familiar enemies from the Marvel Universe(tm) or new villains created specifically for the game.

For more information, visit the official home of The Hulk videogame at www.hulkgames.com and be sure to download the PC demo. The Hulk is available now for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and PC for a suggested retail price of $49.99 with an ESRB "Teen" rating.

[PlayStation2] Logitech's New Corded PS2 Controllers Hit Shelves - posted by Erich Becker at 1:26 pm CDT

Logitech’s New Corded Controllers For PlayStation 2 Hit The Shelves

Logitech Extreme Action and Action Controllers Raise The Bar On Quality and Performance

FREMONT, Calif. – September 10, 2003 – Logitech (Nasdaq: LOGI) (Switzerland: LOGN), a leading provider of gaming controllers for PCs and consoles, and a market leader in vibration feedback controllers, today announced that its two newly designed corded controllers for the PlayStation(r)2 computer entertainment system are now on retail shelves, ready for prime-time action. The Logitech(r) Extreme(tm) Action(tm) Controller and the Logitech Action(tm) Controller (U.S. suggested retail price of $24.95 and $19.95, respectively) are available at retail outlets and at www.logitech.com. European pricing and availability will be announced separately.

"Logitech is committed to delivering the best-possible gaming experience at all price points," said Fred Swan, director of marketing for Logitech’s Interactive Entertainment Business Unit. "These new corded controllers continue to exemplify that commitment. Whether it’s soft, leather grips instead of plastic, or an extra long cable for added convenience, we always try to go beyond basic needs to create a controller that will be a pleasure to own and use."

Logitech Extreme Action Controller
The Logitech Extreme Action Controller is the luxury and performance controller for discerning gamers who aren’t satisfied by victory alone. It combines high-end features such as genuine leather grips and a lustrous metallic finish with components designed for optimum performance, such as gold-plated connector pins, precise rubber-capped analog sticks, a crisply accurate D-pad and responsive triggers.

The controller includes a useful turbo mode that makes fast work of tough enemies. Its vibration feedback gives gamers a feel for the action, as the device reacts to each bump and bruise felt in the game. A complete set of standard buttons is provided in a familiar and comfortable layout. For added convenience and freedom, Logitech has included an extra long 9-foot 5-in. cord.

Logitech Action Controller
The Logitech Action Controller is a sporty, aggressive controller that begs to be played hard. Specially designed rubber grips provide comfort and a secure hold on the action while channels in the rubber reduce perspiration. The tough plastic finish looks great, easily handles wear and tear, and is easy to clean.

The Logitech Action Controller features a 7-foot cord with a standard connector. It includes the same dual-vibration feedback, turbo mode, analog sticks, D-pad, triggers, and action buttons as the Logitech Extreme Action Controller. Gamers looking for a rugged performer will find the Logitech Action Controller an attractive buy.

Both controllers connect to the standard controller port and are compatible with games for PS one(tm), PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

[Multi] Ubisoft Announces XIII Multiplayer Features - posted by Erich Becker at 1:24 pm CDT


XIII to Boast Exclusive Multiplayer Modes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - September 10, 2003 - Ubi Soft(r) Entertainment, one of the world's top game publishers, announced details behind the innovative multiplayer modes for XIII, the highly anticipated first-person shooter videogame. XIII will be the first online first-person shooter for the PlayStation(r)2 computer entertainment system. Additionally, XIII will be online for the Xbox(tm) video game system and the PC, and will feature four-way split-screen multiplayer on the Nintendo GameCube(tm). XIII is expected to ship in Fall 2003.

"A solid and innovative multiplayer experience is essential to any good shooter, which is why we brought XIII online for PlayStation 2, Xbox and the PC," said Tony Kee, vice president of marketing for Ubi Soft Entertainment. "We wanted to make the multiplayer experience as fresh and original as the game itself."

XIII will feature classic Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag modes. Here are the exclusive multiplayer modes for each console:

Premier Online First-Person Shooter Action for PlayStation 2

PlayStation 2 players benefit from five multiplayer modes including "The Hunt" and "Power Up" with up to four players online, in addition to the two-player split-screen offline. The exclusive PlayStation 2 multiplayer mode, Power Up, is a custom Deathmatch multiplayer mode, which includes various pick-ups - some classic pick-ups are replaced with funnier ones, such as "Frag Instant Death" (ability to kill opponent with one shot) or "SuperGnome" (character becomes deformed). Additionally, pick-ups are chosen according to the player's score position. The best player will receive the worst pick-ups and vice versa.

In the Hunt, players chase a running target throughout the map. Points are scored depending on how much damage is afflicted each time the target is hit. The more times the target is hit, the smaller it becomes, so scoring becomes more difficult. Players gain extra points by killing the target, but touching the target results in death!

Only on Xbox Live

Xbox gamers can dive into four-player split-screen offline multiplayer or enter into online battles with up to eight players. The exclusive Xbox Live mode is "Sabotage," where two teams compete to take control of different strategic points in the map. One team must defend the control points, while the other team must sabotage them within a certain time limit. The defending team wins if time runs out, while the attacking team wins by destroying all of the defense points.

Split-Screen Shooting on Nintendo GameCube

Nintendo GameCube gamers can get their fix of XIII multiplayer action with up to four-player split-screen in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Hunt modes.

The PC version features online multiplay for up to eight players per map, and an exclusive map editor for gamers to create their own action-packed levels.

For more information, please visit: www.whoisXIII.com.


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