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Luna: Moon Colony Simulator
Screenshots Exclusive!

by Erich Becker
February 13, 2001

Ever dreamed of living on the moon? In the 1950s, NASA promised that by the turn of the century we would have colonies on the moon, children would be hurling moon rocks at each other, and the moon would become a popular vacation spot. Want to make that vision come alive? Anarchy Enterprises and Unique Entertainment want to give you that chance.

Enter the world (well, moon) of LUNA. LUNA is a moon colony sim game that takes games like Pharaoh and SimCity to the next level. Running off of a full 3D engine similar to Earth 2150, LUNA puts everything in perspective. The game boasts a fully 3D environment that allows for freedom of movement. With more than 50 lunar buildings and 10 different disasters to destroy them, the act of playing god has never been so much fun. Enter into the mix an electronica soundtrack plus, three campaigns with a great storyline and plot twists, and you have a game to contend with. Looking at beta feedback and the overall aura around this game, it looks to be something special when it is released. Check out these screenshots below (some exclusive to ESC Magazine) and visit the game's homepage at

Don't say we didn't tell you.

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