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Moon Tycoon

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  Reviewed by Steve Davis
January 14, 2002
Space Simulation
Legacy Interactive
Anarchy Enterprises
As far as sims go, Moon Tycoon is definitely worth playing. Since we havenít conquered the moon (yet), the game allows more freedom than some of the Earth-based games.

First, the premise: Develop the moon. Pretty simple. If you tire of simply putting up buildings, the creators have thrown in three campaigns to conquer, each made up of 10 separate missions. The missions range from exceedingly simple to requiring quite a bit of thought. They are a nice mix, and generally well done.

The thing to remember with this sim is that time is key. And thus, using the pause feature is key for you. It allows you to stop time and build or check any building you wish. This is a very useful feature to figure out why things arenít working or why the people are revolting. The game also features a "fastest-possible" time setting to rapidly advance time during construction and revenue generation periods. Another helpful trinket is the grid overlay, to help the player figure out what ground really is level. Mountains and valleys quickly get in the way.

As most simulations allow, the player controls most aspects of everyday life for the colonists. Housing, utilities, some form of income-generating buildings, tourism and morale boosters must all be managed. When there are few buildings the game is fairly easy to master; when you need all the polluters to be able to generate an income, the game gets far more challenging. The player can also throw in disasters, either for a challenge or to spite the colonists who just wonít agree with the master plan and live under a smog layer thicker than L.A.ís.

By far the coolest thing about Moon Tycoon is the various camera angles it allows during play. The view goes as far out as a satellite view (useful for finding various colonies on the map), and as close as (nearly) being able to see in someoneís window. The angle of view ranges from essentially on the lunar surface through an arc to directly above; a zoom feature is available at all times.

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Minimum Requirements...
Pentium 200 MHz; 32 MB RAM; 700 MB free hard drive space; quad-speed CD-ROM drive; 8 MB video card w/DirectX 7 compatible driver; sound card w/DirectX 7 compatible driver.


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