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ESC Magazine, founded in August of 1998, began as a small online periodical of Windows game reviews. Since then, ESCMag has grown to include over 400 computer and console gaming reviews and previews, as well as a variety of features, discussion groups and industry news, with thousands of gamers across the world escaping to these pages each week.

After almost a decade of gaming, ESCMag has grown to a staff of twelve dedicated ESCapers. If you are interested in joining our elite (and irreverant) staff as either a game reviewer or a news junkie, contact us for more information.

Andy Grieser - Editor-in-Chief
Toby Davis - Webmaster

Erich Becker - News Editor
Erica Grossman

Erich Becker (GC, Win)
John Benedetto (PS2, N64, Win)
Steve Davis (Win)
Emmanuel Flores (XBox)
Erica Grossman (Win)
Justin Lukas (XBox, PS2, Win)
Garret Romaine (XBox, PS2, Win)
Nelson Romaine (GBC, GBA, Win)
Craig Schneider (Win)
Michael Smyth (Win)
Torrick Ward (PS2, Win)

Matt Burawski
Norm Nevins (Win)
Mike Shelton
Grant Skokan-Guinn
Tim Jones
Faith Sugarman

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